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NEW TAMPA LACROSSE is in SERIOUS need of interested individuals to form a new board, including a new president, to help revive our program back to the top, WHERE IT BELONGS, and where it was for years. 


We started the ‘Raiders’ in 2006, and was arguably the most competitive program in the area for several years, with a number of consecutive undefeated seasons behind us.  However, in the past few seasons, the numbers have dwindled, until last year, when we didn’t field teams for the recreation season at all in the spring, due to a late turnover.  Chuck Graves, former Freedom head coach, volunteered late last year to be president, to get things going again this year, but has accepted a new position out of the county, so we need to start the search again.


We OWE IT to the kids, and parents of the New Tampa area, to have lacrosse in our neighborhood, as it is in most others, so they can play with their friends, without their parents having to drive to another area.  We can, and need to start feeding the area high schools again, and give our kids the opportunity to play this outstanding sport through high school, and beyond, if they choose to do so.  The sport has given quite a bit for hundreds of kids in this area, we just hope to find a core team, that would like to give back to the sport.


The BONES are there here for success, we just need a ‘Captain’ and ‘crew’, willing to make it sail again!  Already in place:

  • New Tampa Lacrosse Club is a 501(c)(3) organization, the KEY to starting a program.  This is a painstaking, lengthy process, which is done!
  • NTLC is incorporated and SUNBIZ has been updated for 2019
  • A Conex storage (shipping) container at Benito Middle school with goals, field equipment, etc.
  • A web site, so registrations can be done, easily
  • A logo, which could be rebranded, if desired by the incoming president/board
  • You will also be able to get start-up assistance from one of the founders of the organization, as we get things off the ground.


For those not familiar with the sport, lacrosse is the perfect blend of the best from other sports.  It; requires the conditioning of any other running sport like soccer and basketball, with non-stop action to keep kids interest, and parents cheering.  It also requires a degree of toughness found in hockey and football, but without any significant contact until the HS level.  It is the PERFECT complimentary sport to any other, and will guarantee your son or daughter return to their other respective sports, as better, more well-conditioned athletes.


If you would be interested in being; the president, a board member or coach, please email;


Thanks much, and let’s get the game back on track in New Tampa!