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Everyone that is part of the game of lacrosse is held to a higher standard and all those involved with the New Tampa Lacrosse Club are no exception!  The following link to the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct and the club specific guidelines below detail the expectations of our board members, parents, players, coaches, referees and spectators.  We at New Tampa Lacrosse want to set the example for how to honor the game!

The New Tampa Lacrosse Club was built through countless hours of work by dedicated volunteers who have a passion for the game and understand the positive influence lacrosse and team sports have in the development of our youth.  It is a privilege for all of us to be part of this dedicated group.

Good conduct begins with all of us and the example we set.  There is never an acceptable reason why this Code of Conduct may be breached and specifically, any unacceptable behavior from a player, coach, parent, spectator or referee will not be tolerated. 

All parents, players and coaches will be required review and acknowledge/sign this Code of Conduct during registration.

Practice and Game Guidelines - 2018


In order to create a fun, safe and optimal learning environment for all players, New Tampa Lacrosse Club (NTLC) needs everyone’s cooperation with the following guidelines, rules and policies:

Child Drop Off and Parent Guidelines:

  • Please have your player at practice and games on time – 15 minutes prior to communicated time is preferred so there is plenty of time to dress and put on equipment.
  • Parents should not drop off and/or leave children unless one of their children’s coaches is present.
  • Players arriving early are to stay off the fields if in use by other teams.  Playing catch to warm up is permitted provided it does not interfere with others using the fields.
  • Horseplay and/or any disruptive behavior before, during or after practice or games is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, including suspension from future games.
  • If parents are not going to be present at a practice or a game, or your child is riding with another parent, please ensure that your coach is aware and has emergency contact number to reach you.   
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to pick up your son/daughter.
  • Parents are responsible for picking up their children on time after each practice, however coaches will remain at the field until all players have been picked up.
  • Coaches are there to teach your child teamwork, lacrosse skills and how to become better student athletes.  Parents are still responsible for their children and any behavioral or personal needs will be referred to the parent or other authorized adult.
  • Practices and games cancelled  due to weather will be communicated by team via coaches and Team Parent volunteers.   Both text and email communications are preferred to ensure all are alerted timely.

Practice and Game Guidelines:

  • Players are responsible for being prepared for practice and games with all their required equipment, uniform and water.   This includes mouth guards (Boys and Girls) and athletic supporter with cup (Boys).  Players who are missing equipment or uniforms may not participate in practice or games.
  • Players must wear at a minimum their helmet and gloves (Boys) when shooting on a goal prior to practice starting.  Additionally, no player is to be standing in the goal while it is being shot on unless in full goalie equipment and shooting on goalies without a coach present is prohibited.
  • Practice time and field availability is limited so players are expected to give coaches their undivided attention and refrain from talking or distracting others so all can maximize learning.
  • During games, players on the sideline will stay out of the coach’s box.
  • Parents will sit on opposite sides of the field from the players/coaches during games.
  • Parents shall remain off the field at all times.
  • Complete US Lacrosse youth rules are posted at: 

Girl's Rules

Boy's Rules

General Sportsmanship Guidelines:

We offer the following guidelines to ensure that all parents, players, coaches and others connected with the New Tampa Lacrosse Club maintain a level of respect for ourselves, our opponents, the officials, and the game:

  • Treat the team, opponents, and officials with respect - Allow coaches to coach, referees to officiate, players to play, and fans to cheer.
  • Players will be respectful to their coaches, their teammates, the opposing team and officials at all times.
  • Parents are not to coach the players from the sidelines. During the game the coaches are trying to get the players to work as a team and minimizing the amount of information they receive and have to process is helpful and less confusing.
  • Only positive verbal exchanges with players (either team), parents or coaches are allowed.
  • Addressing other's children, except for cheering or other positive messages or reasons, is strictly prohibited.
  • Be a humble winner and a proud loser.


Adult Code of Conduct - 2018

In order to uphold the sportsmanship goals of the New Tampa Lacrosse Club and ensure all participants have the benefit of a safe and fun learning environment, all parents, guardians and other adults and attendees of NTLC events, including but not limited to practices, games and other team/league events, must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.   Specifically:

  • Any adult using alcohol, tobacco or non-prescription drugs and/or appears intoxicated at a NTLC event, and/or who is flagrantly rude, attempts to intimidate, verbally abuse, heckles, taunts, ridicules, boos, throws objects and/or uses vulgarity or profane language/gestures with an official, coach, volunteer, staff member, participant or other event attendee, will receive a verbal warning and/or be asked to leave the event.  NTLC may also provide a written warning (via e-mail or US mail) regarding this misbehavior and the adult’s children may also be removed from the event.  A second occurrence of any of the above stated offenses, the individual will be banned from all NTLC events for a period of one year from the date of the second offense, and their children may be removed from the club for that period.
  • Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, volunteer, staff member or participant or threatens grave bodily harm may be banned from any and all NTLC events for one year from date of the offense, and their children may also be removed from any and all NTLC programs for that period of time.
  • After any bans have expired, if any individual commits an additional offense of the Adult Code of Conduct, the individual will be banned from any and all NTLC programs and events and the individual’s children may be permanently removed from any and all NTLC programs.


In addition to the above and as previously communicated, NTLC follows US Lacrosse guidelines and policies.  Below is the link to the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct that everyone is also expected to read, understand and follow:

Any incidents that are judged as being unacceptable by the coach or NTLC, could lead to suspension or dismissal from the team, subject to appropriate due process procedures.

Thank you for upholding these guidelines.  Your efforts will help our teams focus their energy on player development, team performance and most importantly sharing a positive experience.